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    I was so proud of Judy (Defender Filas, where we got our Buffy and Kharma). Someone in another county - quite a distance away - had bought one of their puppies several years ago and came back and bought a male from the litter Kharma came from. A couple of weeks after, a neighbor of this man called her to tell her that his previous dog had died chained in the yard. Judy got in the car, drove all the way up there to check, found no one at home and the puppy chained in the yard, stuck a refund of his money in his door and rescued the puppy and brought him home with her. We talked afterward and you should've heard her ranting. She was furious! Oliver is now one of her dogs; she won't subject him to being uprooted again.

    I couldn't resist reminding her that she really wanted to keep a pup out of that litter anyway, since she absolutely wants to maintain a line out of Gamble. I just love Judy - she loves these dogs so much! She and Gary even have to take separate vacations now to accomodate their dogs . . . and they RESCUE! Integrating rescued, sometimes abused adult Filas into a home environment is no picnic; it can be downright risky at times.

    I just wanted to acknowledge some people with a good program and great hearts. We have to spend so much time and effort counteracting the bad ones that we don't commend the good ones often enough.

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