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    Schaffer- fluffy GSD thing, Kailey- ACD mix, Crick
    Kailey has never really liked water, but bathtubs are just torture to her. I think it started when she stalked me into the bathroom while I was taking a shower and freaked out when her five-pound puppy body nearly got washed down the drain.

    Anywho, about three months ago, I decided that I was sick of having to do baths outside where she was less stressed out. Started feeding her in the hallway next to the bathroom, then in the bathroom with the door open, then with the door closed, etc. Up until today, though, she wouldn't touch the tub. This morning I was able to get her to put her front feet up on it. Later, we were doing some hind-feet activities with pillows and I realized that she has a really positive relationship with them. (I must sound crazy, but seriously. She loves pillows.) Anyways, I filled the tub with pillows. Sure enough, I didn't even have to lure her in! She just jumped up on them and lay down.

    Right now, I'm able to get her in the tub with just the towel on the bottom. I haven't asked her to yet, but I know she'll get in without the towel because I came up and found her sniffing at the drain a bit ago.

    It doesn't sound like a big deal, but you don't know how happy I am at the prospect of (a) not having to wait for a warm day to go outside for a bath and (b) not breaking apart our bond every time I try. :D

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