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    Doctor Who!

    Start with the new ones from 2005. I've been working my way through the classics after catching up with New Who, and I'm on the last season of the 6th Doctor (out of 7 "true" classic Doctors) now, which kind of makes me sad :( And I've technically watched this season before, but not in order.

    After that, TORCHWOOD! I love Torchwood, it's so dark and awesome. Children of Earth is still the best TV I have ever watched. I cried so much.

    And if you're as hooked as everyone seems to get after watching those, Sarah Jane Adventures. I actually started those when I was watching Torchwood...I'd watch before bed and then I couldn't sleep, so Sarah Jane took the edge off...and each episode is only half an hour, so not a huge commitment. It's a kids show, so it's a huge contrast to Torchwood.

    Others I've been told to watch or have been intending to watch are Firefly, Breaking Bad, and The Walking Dead. I've seen a few episodes of The Walking Dead and although I didn't think it would interest me, it was pretty good. But then the next season of Doctor Who started and I got sidetracked :p

    ETA: OH, AND SHERLOCK! How could I forget about Sherlock?!

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