WHat a good boy VIctor is

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    He gave while I was sitting there rubbing Neccy's neck, his pride and joy, his pressie that he only gives to me, one super soggy chewed just right rawhide bone. HE nosed it to her when at first she didn't take it. I have never ever seen him do this to anyone but a human and a woman at that. It made me all teary eyed. SHe has been chewing on it ever since. She does not know how to "start" them, and this is the last one of the 3 I got them for Christmas.

    I made him some of his Christmas stew for being such a sweetheart to her.

    and he just gave her an ear kissy. He's such a good boy and Neccy seemed to understand it was something special.

    IT is somewhere around Victor's birthday if I figure it right. He was 5 months when I adopted him in April. THat meant he would have been close to a Christmas puppy at 8 -12 weeks. I think he is now 9.

    He has a mole on the back of his neck that has become problematic. IT has now broke open twice, and left a bloody hole so we need a trip to the vet. I had the vet and another vet too look at it and tell me if it is one I should worry about or have removed because it grew so rapidly and is so hard. One vet said no. THe other daid "we don't normally do anything about those unless it becomes problematic". So now I think I know what the problematic means. I put ointment on it since it is where he cant' reach it. He will not be pleased about going. I know for a fact that the "shelter" was in a vet's basement so even tho he loves the humane society people, he does not love their "office". Last time we went I appriciated that the vet got down on the floor and just sat with him for a minute allowing Victor time without hands. Victor gave him a ear nuzzle sitting with him like that which is a big thing for VIctor to do, and the vet understand that too. This particular vet is the only Victor has ever growled at. I told him not to take it personal, that I believe it is location, the fact that he is a big man that worried Victor, that and the vet had accidentally pinched his toe against the table with his belt. So they just got off on the wrong foot.
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    I've always said Vic is a special boy. I hope the mole turns out to be nothing.
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    There's something extra sweet and sensitive about Vic. :)

    I remember what a ball of nerves he was when you got him. The two of you have traveled well together.

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