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    AKC and Eukanuba are sponsoring a "Video Contest" to promote the AKC-Eukanuba National Championship show. Most of the entries in the Contest are the typical "dogs doing dumb stuff"-type videos.

    We've entered the contest with a video that emphasizes positive reinforcement dog training. It's a great opportunity to get the message of positive training out to lots of people.

    If you want to help support positive reinforcement dog training all you need to do is watch the 34-second video by clicking here:

    YouTube - 2009 AKC/Eukanuba Commercial Contest

    You don't need to "Comment" or "Vote"...just watching counts as your vote. You don't need to register or give away your email address either.

    Best wagards,
    Bob & Mabel (treat giver and rat terrier, respectively)

    PS Feel free to pass the link along to all your dog-loving friends. Let's spread the word that positive training works!

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