To Be or Not to Be is the Question???

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    I Will try to keep this story short and sweet but my luck it won't!!

    Well in the last few yrs I have met trainers, breeders and they your wanta bee'!!!!

    Yes we all need to learn some where and that is a given! But remember if you do not want to listen then why would anyone listen to you let alone a dog.

    Okay here it goes::::

    Two and a half yrs ago I placed an ad for dog training in our local news paper. The woman had two dogs a Gsd and a German short haired pointer.

    Now the complaint on the German Shepherd Dog was that when they went for a walk the dog would lung and attack anyone that would approach. Okay so what I did was go over and watch her and her dog in Ob.

    Now Doggie had some issues: This poor dog walked beside the owner with no happiness at all. She just walked beside the owner. Tail tucked with okay what is going to happen today????? Everything that the dog was asked to do was slow to response. Such as the heel position the down position the recall all were acted out as if to say yeah okay. She did do it though.

    So now we decide to go down the board walk and get some further training in. So now as I walk beside the owner. I am watching the dog loook arround in fear. Okay now what I said to myself. I asked the women;; Have you ever thought about talking to your dog and giving her a reason to go for this walk? She said I have treats for her. I said no not treats but getting the dog work on your enthuziam( Spelt wrong) She said no.

    I then would ask to handle her dog. She said okay. I said hey pup are ya ready??? The dog looks up at me and said huuuh. Now puppy is wagging her tail. Okay now I am walking at the dogs pace not mine hers. Then giving her a pat here and there say wow such a fine girl loook at you. Wow puppy is saying yeah I can handle this/ Now all of a sudden a human with a small dog comes by. I started to talk to the owners and asked if I could have a min"t of their time. They say sure. I told them that we were working on the Shepherds association with other people and smaller dogs. Do you mind just standing there while we work with her and talk to you? Nope not a problem.

    This training was a total of 15 min'ts and the dog realised that these people and the little dog could be freinds. Then off we went and I handed the dog back to the owner. Well to be honest with you she did not even pay attention to what I had been doing and we lost everything we gained in like two min's. Heart breaking.

    Now I go back the next day and the dogs owner takes advantage of my good will. She can not even focus on one dog let alone two. But thinks she can so brings both dogs. Okay we work the Gsd. Owner is getting frustrated with me. I want this to happen right now. I looked at her and stated that It would happen if you really took the time to listen. The dog was great it was the master. Anyhow shortly after the 1 hr of training I asked her to release her dog and give her time to play. No sooner did I say that did another dog owner and her dog arrive at the park. I told my student place your dog on her leash there is another dog coming. She went to place the dog on the leash and the noticed it was her freind.

    Oh she said that is my freind and her dog we never have problems. i looked at the owner and stated you will today. She said nope. Well with in seconds of the order given did the get this not one not two but three dogs in a full aggressive attack and fight. I looked at the owner of the two dogs that I had been training and gave her lived H E double hockey sticks. She just looked at me. I said control your dogs and control them now!!!!

    My husband new me like a book and guess what He just ran up and gave the dogs a scare by taking a stick and hitting the ground. Had he not have done so I would have jumped in and grabed a dog or two and broken up the fight. Yes a little syco if you ask me. Once the dogs had been seperated. I looked at the dogs owner and stated that is your fault and yours allone. She speaks up and said that is the way the dogs play. I looked at this person and stated okay did you happen to look around you? Did you happen to see the mother over there with her 3 little kids that had a chance to get hurt by your dogs so called fun??? She then stated Uh Nope!!

    I stated to her that if you did not want to learn you should not have wasted my time and my energy!!! Let alone your money!!! She then said I did not think of it that way. Well I stated you are a dog owner and the thing about it is this. Not only did you put your dogs in danger you put everyone else around you in danger. That is very uncalled for and irresponsible.

    I took her on for one more day. Again she brings both dogs. She new I was bringing my trained German Shepherd dog along. I had informed her the day before that my dog was very dog aggressive. That at no time shall she allow her dog and or dogs loose around mine. Now this was her instructions the day before. Dumb as a Door knob what does she do when I pull up to the park???? She brings her two dogs over for a greating!! Well I informed her that the dog was very aggressive and that was not wise. So she backed off with her dogs.

    I put my girl through her paces as this woman watched, She looked on in amazement this dog worked totally on me and my commands and the whole time wagging her tail and saying okay what else mom!!!! I then put my girl in a down stay and when I do that they do not move. Dog aggressive or not.

    I asked the woman to work her dog. She did and she still had a hard time. Hey I would not give up on her or the dog I was just getting frustrated with her. I am not a pet owner I am a working dog owner so being that they are not the same I had a hard time my issue I guess.

    Well after the Gsd was worked she states to me can you help me with the other dog? I said no! She said why? I said because you need to focus on getting the one dog trained first and since you do not want to listen there why should I waste my time with helping you with the other dog. I realise I hurt the womans feelings but to bad!!!

    There was an enclosed area that we could let the dogs go run around in, The woman said let your dog go out and play with mine! I looked at this woman as if she were crazy! Then said no go ahead let your dogs go. I will let mine go when you are done. So this she did.

    Once she let her dogs run and play it took her about 20 min's to get them back. I stood and shook my head. Oh well I said to myself. Once she had her dogs under control I took my Princess out off leash I let her run and play and then When it was time to go I called her Heeera. With that a flip a turn and a run right to me with a slide in front of me. Slapped the leash on and off we were. Well now this lady wants to see if the dogs would get along again? I looked at I know my dog and she does not do well around other dogs. No this is not a good behavior but if you know the issue is there why would anyone put the dog in a position to be hurt her dogs and or mine. So I said let them sniff each other through the fence. My girl went nuts. I gave her a correction and said no. She did stop right away although as stated I know what could have happened and being a responsible owner again would not put her in a bad situation.

    Well I would bump into this person one yr latter. She had started her own dog training school. I looked at her and said I hope you have your insurances in place? Then walked away. Yes I was upset! Why? She had a hard time with her dogs and had not taken the time to take these dogs and get them a Canine Good Citizen Certificate and or actually train the dogs. Sure I knew that my dog had an issue ., I was responsible with that issue a good owner knows how far to go with their dog and I would have never put her in that type of position at any given time. Anyhow the moral of the story is this. If you do not take the time to learn from others to hear what they have to say. Especially those that have truely done something with their dogs and gone somewhere. Just because you have owned a dog does not mean or qualify you to become a dog trainer. Go out get educated listen and learn. Don't use your dogs to line your pockets but use your dogs as a tool that has the abilty to be a great community citizen. Once that is complete then we can start talking CINDR

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