To all of you who foster

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    You're wonderful. You save the lives and sanity of so many dogs who would otherwise be thrown away. My beautiful Katie was rescued by a woman who fostered for the South Florida Humane Society. She was a neighbor to Katie's original owners, who kept her in a cage on the patio "because she sheds too much." They rarely let her out and yelled at her all the time.

    Kathy fostered Katie for almost a year. Thanks to her, Katie knows how to live in a house, how to play--she didn't know how when Kathy took her in; how sad is that?--and how to trust people. Somewhat.

    No matter how hard Kathy and the HS campaigned for Katie, nobody wanted her. Apparently large, black, Chow-like dogs are not a hot item. Then one day when I was looking for another dog, I saw her picture and said, "Good Lord! That's my dog!" And she was.

    Katie is wonderful. That's the only word for her: WONDERFUL. But I truly believe that she would not have survived her second year with those nitwits who originally owned her. And even if they'd surrendered her to a no-kill shelter, what would she have been like after almost a year there?

    Kathy saved my Katie's life and her sanity. HURRAH!! for everyone who fosters.

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