There are rats in my bed

Discussion in 'Cat and Pet Forum' started by Picklepaige, May 5, 2013.

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    ...this is not a problem, of course.


    Just thought I'd share some pictures of my girlies, as I know there are some rat lovers on here.

    This is Bubblegum. She's super pretty, except for that darn eye of hers. I tried out some new bedding, and I think she's allergic to it. Oh and rat people, would she be considered a blue or a gray? I now blue is more "rare" than gray, so I figured it was more probable that she was gray, but she looks very "blueish" to me.


    She likes to lean over the edge of my bed and look. Unlike someone *coughEriscough* she just looks and doesn't jump.


    "Hi, I'm Bubblegum and I'm cute and perfect!"


    "I am Eris, Destroyer of Worlds. I am not cute. How dare you refer to me as such."


    Eris demonstrates that rats are allowed on the pillows here. Miraculously, I have not come down with the plague, rabies, parasites, cancer, or heart failure.


    All done! Thanks for looking!

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