The real deal on Rottweilers

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    The Rottweiler, from Germany, is a handsome and striking breed. The males can stand as high as 69 cm (27 in), and they are solidly built of hard muscle.
    Unfortunatly their popularity has not done the breed good service as the ease of selling any standard Rottweiler proved too attractive for unscrupulous dealers. It was predictable that such a powerful dog would be all too capable of inflicting great damage if he attacked humans, and in the late 1980's this happened. The number of Rottweilers being bred dropped dramatically, and this dangerous situation levelled off. The breed is very intelligent, but there is a considerable difference between the dog and the bitch, the latter in general being calmer and her reactions easier to predict.
    The coat is invariably of medium-short length and black and tan in colour. Grooming is rewarding; it produces a magnificent shine very easily. Excercise is essential because of the muscular nature of the breed. He likes his food and expects plenty. This is a breed for experienced dog owners who will devote time and attention to the dog. He merits much of the enthusiasm he engenders but needs good control.
    -Mike Stockman

    I got that from a book called Dog Breeds Of The World and I strongly reccomend it for all dog owners, or those who love dogs.

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