The most "homey" rescue for your pets.

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    This is a very homey shelter. They keep their pets inside and take care of them with great food. They are treated like real pets and not kept in a dog kennel or in a tiny cage. At the time they are adopting and rescuing fish and amphibians. In late 2007 they will be able to rescue dogs, livestock, rodents (including rabbits!), dogs and cats. If you have a pet in need of a home I would suggest contacting them. You can get the email off the site but it is They will be able to rescue more animals in late 2007- early 2008.
    Dogs are able to go outside and run around, go for walks, walk around inside instead of running in circles in a dog kennel like they have at shelters. They are fed what pet dogs should be fed.
    Cats are able to go outside and they are able to run around inside and interact with other cats.
    This is the most homey centre you would ever get your pets to.
    They also will be holding only the BEST boarding centre starting in 2008 or 2009. Pets feel like home, not like they are locked up in kennels.

    Visit their website and check out all the pets they have rescued and found forever homes. No need for a foster when you've got a rescue like this!

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