The kitties *Vid and pics!*

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    Don't believe I've really ever posted pics of our kitties.

    V - gray & white kitten we've raised since he was 2 days old. He used to be soo small and helpless, and now he's going through his teenage stage. He poses for pictures, is full of himself, and is too good for cuddling recently. Can't be embarrassed by hugs and kisses, now can he?

    Aramae - black cat. She was known as the bitch. She'll bite people and hated me for a very very very long time. She'd always hiss and bat at V for the longest time as well. Now they are buddies. :D

    YouTube - V & Aramae wrestling




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    They are both so cute. I especially like V. Is there a story behind her name?

    Sometimes I have a hard time telling when kitties are playing or mad. Spanky (our dog) also seems to have trouble telling when Charles is playing, but he assumes he's always playing....and he's pretty much decided Veenie is NEVER playing. That is probably wise on his part. Charles will not hurt him, and Venus very well might!
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    V... is like V for Vendetta. :p When we were raising him, Dustin (fiance) was/is obsessed with the movie. And because V has an what he calls an "upside down V" on his face(split face).. he thought it was fitting. He was the only male in the litter and Dustin took extra special care of him, so I let him name V.

    It was very cute though, because eventually Aramae got tired of the flash and ran away. V.... he kept rolling over and seriously posing himself!! Camera wh0re that he is. :p

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