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    How many of you get told you should breed your dog? I have heard about this before, but never actually experienced it until my chow/husky, Rolyx. I have people literally come flying out of their homes or stop their cars as I'm taking him for a walk. Most are just commenting on his appearance, but then you have the, "Your dog sho would make purty babies."

    When told I should breed him, I say, "That's going to be a little tough since he's neutered." I get that look, "Why would you destroy such beautiful sperm!" First of all he's a mix, then I explain he has a genetic defect that causes a poor immune would make me irresponsible to breed him and pass that to his offspring. Then they proceed to tell me what a shame, he is so beautiful and could you just imagine the pups he'd make. I basically say, "Yeah real shame I'm preventing puppies from being born with a poor immune system that results in mange and diet problems...not to forget our shelters are bursting at the seams with unwanted dogs and cats, Ro being from a shelter himself." Well, I guess. :rolleyes:

    I suppose it's a good time to educate people, even though 99.9% don't listen. I just get tired of one recognizes the good thing you did, only the shame of taking away my dogs balls. Am I missing something?

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