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    I'm going to be ordering Cali a new sky blue dotted Puppia harness/leash and I'm planning on getting her a new fetching tag to go with it... however, I can't seem to come up with any good ideas and since lots of people here have super creative tags for their dogs, I figured I'd ask.

    As for Cali's personality... she's exuberant, crazily outgoing (has never hesitated in meeting anyone and always greets them with a wiggling butt, excitedly pinned back ears and dozens of kisses), very affectionate and cuddly, energetic, eager to learn, clever... a pest to Moses, loves playing with her tennis balls and catching leaves outside in the fall, adores being outside, manipulative.

    I love tag lines with a bit of humour and ones that play on words as well. I'd love one that broadcasts her crazy, loving personality and is a bit unique.

    Thanks! :)

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