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Discussion in 'The Dog Breeds' started by FalseImpression, May 11, 2011.

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    Posting this thread may not have been the start of your search, but being unsure enough to post asking for breed ideas a few days ago, and suddenly having a GSP puppy already lined up is a little fast.

    If falconry was that important, wouldn't you have mentioned that in your wants for a breed, not just agility and schutzhund. Hope you can get the triple threat you are looking for, but GSPs in schutzhund seem to be rare. Not sure how many people play CKC agility with GSPs, but the number that play with the AAC is uber low. 7 dogs to attain agility championships, ever. Doesn't seem like the most likely breed to be doing either with much commitment. And it's not a rare breed.. so it's not lack of them that has the success numbers low.

    As of 2008 there were 11 GSPs with AKC OTCHs. Since schutzhund is so obedience oriented that doesn't sound like a great fit either.

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