Special needs Dachshund in need of a home ASAP!

Discussion in 'Dog Rescue Forum' started by Muttkip, May 22, 2012.

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    Moe is 8 years old, up to date on his shots, flea meds and heartworm meds. Poor Moe has lost his entire family is looking for a forever home with a couple with older children and smaller dogs. He LOVES cats and does like dogs his size but is afraid of big dogs. He can be skittish, but once he warms up to you he'll LOVE you FOREVER. He's OBSESSED with squeaky toys and playing fetch, he'll play till he dies of a heart attack. He doesn't like small children and would do better in a home with kids 12 or older. He does have some minor health issues like food allergies and a bad back. He has to eat Purina One dog food in order not to scratch all the time. Other then just needing some TLC, he'd make a great fetch buddy for somebody.....he just needs LOVE!


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