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    Hey everyone!
    I haven't posted in a little bit, haven't really wanted to. thing have been crazy at home, and at work that I just kinda let the message board slide.

    Anyways, lots of problems with hazel! Not the angel dog I thought when I first got her. She's stubborn and bullheaded, and will not do what I say. She is crated during the day and I still can't seem to get her to stop going in the house. I try to watch her like a hawk, let her out at after meals and such, etc, but it doesn't seem to be working. I don't know what I am doing wrong.
    If anyone has any ideas let me know.

    Also I am try to get her to stop getting on my bed. I have a second bed that Maggie seems to sleep on fine but Hazel refuses to sleep on there for the night. In the morning she is on my bed, and I am so tired of it. I can't sleep because she has to sleep THISCLOSE to me. I can't stand it. So now I am forced to crate her because I don't want her on the bed. What can I do to make her stop trying to get on the bed? It's like a constant battle with her. I can't win.

    I make her sit for everything now. If she doesn't sit she doesn't get attention than she'll jump on me. If I put my knee up she still jumps on me. If I turn my back she goes around and attempts to jump on me in the front. I try to ignore her, but she scratches me with her nails(and I do cut them but she fights me on that too).

    I have never had so much trouble with a dog in my life. I want to take her to training, but I can't start that until some other things get taken care of. I had an emergency with my moms car so I had to pay 200 dollars to replace her tires. (didn't expect that so it ate my extra money)

    I am working overtime so I can earn some extra money.

    She's at my heels for attention, so she doesn't allow me to pet Maggie or clip her nails so I have to put her in the crate while I do the grooming things with Mags. When they play she get's very agressive, and loud sounding. I have separated them when they get like this because I have seen little cuts on Maggie's head and leg's, and I don't want to have to bring either of them to the vet for bad cuts.

    Hazel doesn't do this to any other dogs at the park. She's good with playing with the other dogs there. I don't get it. Is it because they live together?

    I am starting to rethink my decision on getting another dog. It's turn out to be completely trying.

    I know it's probably my fault because we haven't been to the park as much lately. I've been pretty pre-occupied with other life things.

    Any clues to help me with any of this would be appreciated. I don't WANT to get rid of her, I just need some help.

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    The crate training at night was a good start for some of her behavior issues. brady sleeps in there at night, and I prefer it, and I think he does too. it is his own time and his own space. He will go in when he is really tired during the day also. But I always give him a treat and make it positive when he goes in there. He goes in there at bed time now on his own and then he gets his treat.

    The only other thing I can suggest is to get dog toys that may challenge her and give her something to do besides be right under you all the time. Brady does that to me too, but usually I take him to play at a dog's house down the street and she wears him down tired for me. He is liek the energizer bunny, he just keeps going, literally. I also have not had the time or money to put in to training classes yet (he just turned a year old today) but I would like to so i can get him into agility. He loves to run and jump and bounce, all 70 pounds of him.

    But back on to the subject, there are many toys out their that can keep their attention and challenge them, go online to (it is something liek that) and they have a lot fo stuff too. I also get bones (like big cow femurs) from the local feed store and he stays interested in thsoe for a while. Good luck. :)

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