Some new pics of my babies

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    For Gods sake, the story never changed. Over 2 years ago, my husband bred Dixie. WHY in the owrld am I considered a byb? Didi I contribute to the over population of unwanted pitbulls in any way?? Hell no. My dogs were and are all accounted for and probably some of the luckiest pups on the earth.
    You people have GOt to STOp following me around, looking for my posts to negatively comment on.
    I never changed my story, YOU ALL changed the story, a dozen times. Some of you seem to have comprehension problems.
    Leave me the hell alone. I do not bother any of you and do not deserve this crap.

    I honestly get the impression that even though something bad happened, I am respected more by most for the good I have done and that just KILLS yall to know that.

    Leave me alone if you have nothing productive or nice to say.

    being so mean and negative and hateful just makes you sound-ghetto??

    Oh, and by the way, Daizys condition has been Verified by the vet and a nuerologist to be caused from Chorea/distemper. It is a miracle they all didnt get it and die.
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