So proud of my friend for donating to two animal rescue organizations

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    I am so proud of my friend JulieAnne O’Connor who has pledged to split a 5 percent donation from her SAG earnings for appearing in a locally-filmed commercial between two animal rescue organizations --- the Ventura County Animal Shelter and the Best Friends Animal Society.

    JulieAnne was inspired by the little pug starring in the commercial. Oko Nono has a touching story. She nearly died a year ago after being attacked by a coyote. But this awesome little dog is now an internet star, staring in a funny laugh out loud Crash the Super Bowl Commercial, which is a Top 5 finalist out of 5,000 submissions!

    Oko Nono's youtube video YouTube - DORITOS® - Pug Attack -- Crash the Super Bowl 2011 Finalist has attracted over 64.400 views. Learn more about this little pug & her owner and filmmaker friends @ Pug Attack - Doritos Crash The Super Bowl Commercial

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