Sammy needs a home-FAST!

Discussion in 'Dog Rescue Forum' started by Mach1girl, Sep 19, 2013.

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    Yall remember the dog that I rescued several weeks back? Well, I kinda figured I would have to rehome him. It's hard but I at least accomplished what I set out to do, I saved his life!

    He is doing real well. His spine is no longer as visible, his hips aren't protruding so far and his shoulder bones aren't even visible anymore. He has been crate trained, leash trained and housebroken. He is super smart. He gets along with my other dogs, but NO CATS!!! He does however have a jealous streak in him, which is very controlable.

    My babies, that I already have had, are seniors. They are suffering from some health issues and it seems Sammys presance has made things worse. They deal with Sammy but really don't like him. They aren't healing as well, and are very stressed. They, of course MUST come first. We are dealing with a few prostate issues, much arthritus, depression.......ugh***

    Anyways, I need to find him a home. Please spread the word. I am in NE Alabama............Thanks.....

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