Ruby getting tubby!

Discussion in 'Puppy Forum' started by Rubylove, Nov 10, 2005.

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    Lovely sunny Perth! :-)
    Max and I were looking at gorgeous Ruby last night and commenting on how much she's grown....and then we realised, she hasn't just grown, we think she's actually getting a bit chubby!! She's 23kg at 6 months old, when she went for her spay last week the vet didn't say she was overweight at all (in fact - they told us she should be on TV woo hoo!!) but we are starting to think there's a little too much meat on them bones!

    We feed her twice a day, in the morning she gets quite a thick slice of doggie sausage, and about a cup of puppy biscuits, and a raw egg. She gets the same in the afternoon minus the egg. She doesn't get an egg every day. And in the morning, her biscuits are served to her in a treat ball so she can spend an hour or so eating them up and entertaining herself at the same time! She also gets a small to medium, quite meaty bone every second day.

    Is this too much? It only takes her ten seconds to finish her meals but she doesn't act hungry or beg at all. I'm wondering if perhaps she needs some more exercise - she gets two long walks every day but whenever she has to run around for a bit she gets really tired really fast. I'm wondering if one of those walks should be a good romp off lead around a park, chasing balls etc...?

    I'm not too concerned it's just that her legs are starting to look a bit short and thin for the rest of her...and I don't want to encourage the tendency to fat that labs have.

    Any advice? :rolleyes:

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