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    Okay, so I contacted someone on craigslist who was interested in a rottie pup. Normally I don't bother but something about this poster urged me to contact her. I think the fact that she seemed actually genuinely interested in a quality puppy helped, LOL!

    Anhow, she has contacted Trojan Rottweilers and Vaccaro Rottweilers (both of which are in BC). Unfortunately, this years litter from Trojan's is all reserved. Vaccarro has yet to respond.

    The woman said she is willing to pay shipping/travel to find the perfect puppy.

    So.... Does anyone know of any good breeders, preferably near or in BC? :)


  2. If I were you, I would stick with referrals from Trojan Rottweilers. Debbie is a responsible, caring, and knowledgeable breeder, and she will know the right people in that area.

    As a person who cares about the Rottweiler breed, I could not in any way recommend the other "person" mentioned.

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