Rocky's excessive barking

Discussion in 'Dog Training Forum' started by jltracy, Nov 3, 2008.

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    So far Rocky has been doing great in his new home with us. However, when he comes across another dog in our area, he'll sniff them and whatnot and they'll sniff him, then he ALWAYS snarls and lunges at them, tail wagging. This really confuses me. What is he doing? He doesn't bite them.

    Also, anyone who walks near us outside or anyone I'm actually with (like yesterday I went to see some friends) Rocky just starts barking and growling. He will come up and sniff them but doesn't relax around anyone. He even does this to my boyfriend who lives with me, so Rocky sees him every day. But if my boyfriend walks in the door behind me, he barks a couple times. I'm confused as to why he can't get used to people either. Paul, a friend of mine, has been around Rocky a lot, just not every day. The first few times Rocky was around Paul, he was fine, but this was in a crowded area. Paul even held the leash while I went to the bathroom and such. But if Paul comes over or if it's just me and him, Rocky barks and growls like he hasn't seen him before.

    My boyfriend and I were at my parents yesterday and brought Rocky. We were there for over 6 hours and the entire time Rocky would growl or yip at one of them randomly. Why can't this dog relax or get used to people and be friendly? Is there anything I can do to make Rocky a happy people/other dog loving pup? Any help is GREATLY appreciated. :hail:

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