RIP froggy

Discussion in 'Cat and Pet Forum' started by Maxy24, Jan 10, 2007.

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    i know this will sound weird but my frog drowned. He had some either brain damage or weird bone growth because he could not swim right and managed to drown one morning. I walked in and saw him upside down and they gave him a little shake. He was not in rigor mortise yet so i held him upside down and used a chicken baster to suck the water out of his lungs and then used the baster to put air in his lungs(not doing too much to pop his lungs) and then gave him cheats massage while ding the air for two minutes. He did not wake up although i had little hope in the first place, and i knew after two minutes his brain was guaranteed to be fried so i stopped my attempts at resuscitation. Now i am sad plus we just bought him his new tank and everything, guess that was a waste. I'll probably put my gerbils in the tank instead even though i can not use the substrate or water basin or little wood hut for them. soo sad.:( I loved my "special" little frog.
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    I'm sorry. :( Maybe you can get another frog in his honor...

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