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    This might be an odd memorial, but I felt it needed to be said.

    To make a short story long, I found an injured baby rat on Thanksgiving. I though he was going to die anytime soon so I put him in a cardboard box to make him comfortable and gave him water though an eyedropper. As the day progressed, he grew livelier, finally escaping. I felt he couldn't survive yet, he couldn't use one leg, so I cuaght him again. The next morning he was dead. I felt awful for keeping him in a cage for the last bit of his life. I keep on thinking what I could of done differently. When I found him, he was still slightly warm so I cupped him in my hands and blew on him, trying to make him wake up. I was slightly angry at him for dying. After ten minutes of holding him, I put him under a blanket just to make sure he wasn't faking it. I buried him later on.

    I guess the reason I was so sad because of his death because he reminded me of our three "foster" squirrels. We had to feed them milk and and I was the main feeder. They all three died by infection we thing and I have blamed myself for letting them die. I seriously loved my baby squirrels.

    Soo, this is a much needed memorial for my babies....RIP fellows, each and everyone one of you, including you baby rat boy. I loved you.
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    I have a passion for anything infant and a soft spot for squirrels too. I lost one and know just how you feel. Rip wee babes.

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