Raising a Stable Puppy with an HA dog

Discussion in 'Dog Training Forum' started by StillandSilent, Aug 13, 2013.

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    There are a few things in the works here that I don't want to jinx, but there may be a puppy joining us shortly! Obviously I want the little fellow to have the best socializing possible, and I'm comfortable with most of it,.

    My main concern is Gambit not making the baby as neurotic as he is. He has some ha issues, and extreme fears all relating to people. He doesn't leave the house much, except to go to preapproved places (basically daycare, my parents place and rides in the car), but Im thinking more about visitors who come into the house.

    Thoughts and tips from those who have been there? PWcorgi, I'm especially interested in hearing fron you, sice Gambit and Frodo are a lot alike, and you've been so successful with Siri
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    Granted Gracie isn't a puppy, but she lives in the same household as Chloe, who has HA issues at times. While Gracie DOES bark more now (according to my mom), as Chloe is a very vocal dog, she hasn't picked up on any of Chloe's other quirks. And the barking she does do is more "alert" barking (someones at the door!) and "complaining" barking (I'm alone and don't want to be!), never aggressive barking.

    IMO, if you get a stable dog...the odd eccentricities of the other shouldn't affect it too much, as long as it has plenty of its own positive experiences to lay a solid foundation. For example, even though Gracie now alert barks more, she isn't charging the door trying to eat anyone that comes in. And even when Chloe is having a panic attack due to a storm coming in, Gracie still doesn't react.

    Blackie and Rose were much the same way, although Blackie was the stable one and he was around first. But his indifference to noise and love of welcomed visitors never rubbed off on Rose. (Or Chloe, for that matter.)

    And certainly Cynder woofing at the door makes Abrams woof at the door, too...but if Cynder were to go into a hysterical tizzy (which she doesn't), I don't think Abrams would. She has some SA issues and when we've left them both together away from us before (they were confined to a yard, we were outside the fence within eyesite), Cynder would whine/pace/pant and Abrams was just like "Meh, whatever" and didn't show any similar anxiety at all.

    But, that's just been my experience.

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