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Discussion in 'Puppy Forum' started by Mark, Oct 1, 2004.

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    Hi Again all
    My b/c pup Oscar is a lively bugger, we got him 2 days ago and he has already doing nearly all his weeing and pooing outside for which we praise him for apart from the occ. wee in the house.
    We have a puppy pen which is which is about a metre and a half cubic square which he sleeps in at night(and he only cried for a couple of hours his first night>lucky us) , the question is when we go out for an hour to the shops or do a lot of housework or just want an hour of peace lol we put him in the pen also when he plays up to much we give him a few firm no`s without screaming then we put him in and he quites down with no crying and we only take him out if he dosnt cry . Also we feed him james wellbeloved puppy food with some minced beff or minced turkey for a bit of taste is this ok?, it has made his poo firm up a lot.Are we doing the right thing? any advice would be welcome.
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    I know nothing about James Wellbeloved Puppy food, so I'll advise you to look for the magic words: organic and human grade. If you don't see those - well, you've gotta wonder what's really in there, don't you?

    It sounds like he's adapting very well. Just be careful not to make his pen a place for punishment. As long as it's a haven for him, he'll be happy there.

    Now, have you put some photos in the Picture Gallery?

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