Puppies and their growing claws

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    As we all know puppies claws grow fast. With Sheena I dremel her claws once a month. If I let them go any longer then that then she will slip on the floors of some of the stores she goes into. I also clip the hair down on her pads as well to help with the slipping.

    I thought it would be a good idea to explain how I got Luna used to having her paws dremeled in only a few weeks. Then any new puppy owners would have a good idea on how to do it.

    When we got Luna we did use clippers on her to start. Her claws were long and had to be cut down. I don't think they had been trimmed even once in her 3 months of life. We did them the first day when she was less likely to get cranky about it since she was still quiet with the new surroundings. She didn't struggle at all. Then the next week I would do several sessions a day handling her paws and her toes. I would include it in her tummy rub/massage sessions after she had a good play session. This way she was tired out and would relax. She did at first pull her paws away. But I kept at it and after a few sessions she stopped pulling her paws away. When she was at the point of allowing me to handle them at any time is when I introduced the dremel.

    For those who might not know the dremel is a rotary tool that can grined down the claws. This I find is better then clippers that can pinch or tear the claw. Personal preference. At first I would sit with Luna next to me and I would do one of Sheena's paws a day. This allowed Luna to get used to the noise, sniff the tool when it was off to see that it was safe and also for her to see Sheena relaxed while I did her paws. Then after each of Sheena's sessions I would take the tool and use it on one claw on one of Luna's paws. The first two times she yanked her paw away but I kept at it and did a huge tug or war game with her after to show the positives. The next week I didn't use Sheena(her claws were all done) but I did two claws on each paw at each session and then rewards of a game of tug. In this way I was able for the first time today to do all her claws on all her paws.

    Each dog is different so will adjust at different rates so take it slow. The work you put in now will make things so much easier down the road if your dog needs to have their claws done.

    If you have any tips on how you take care of your dogs claws please feel free to add them. Not all dogs like having the dremel used on them so if you have other ways please share. The more tips a new puppy owner has the better.

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