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    my puppy attended puppy class, and i learned how to teach her to be potty trained. I did exactly as what they told me to do, but it's just not working. I've been working with this potty training for 3 months. When she goes to the bathroom in the house, i drag her to it, and say "no". then i go outside, and say the command word, teaching her this is where she needs to go potty. This really hasn't been working. How do i get her to be fully (100%) potty trained?
  2. Please read the stickies in this forum.

    Several hints:

    1) supervise your puppy to prevent accidents in the house. Take her out often.

    2) DO NOT say any command word that you are not CERTAIN your dog knows UNLESS the dog is performing the behavior. This is such a common mistake. Your dog does not know what go potty means. You want her to LEARN what "go potty" means. The ONLY way to do this is to say GO POTTY while she is actually urinating or defecating. If you say it at any other time, you are telling her that go potty means whatever she is doing at that moment.

    So stop saying it for now unless she is doing it. Next, food reward ALL outdoor potty behavior. Here is a sample trip outside: Puppy wakes in the morning and of course needs to potty. You pick her UP from INSIDE HER CRATE where she slept all night, tuck the treats that are on top of her crate in your pocket, and take her outside. On the way to the door, you are saying: Do you want to go outside? Do you have to go potty? Say this until you open the door. Then be quiet. Take her to her spot, and wait. Almost all puppies will eliminate almost immediately in the morning. SAY NOTHING until she does.

    When she squats, begin saying, in a pleasant praise tone of voice, GO POTTY. Keep repeating GO POTTY until she is finished. Be ready with the treat. The second she is done pop it in her mouth and praise her.

    What you want to do is REWARD the dog handsomely each time she potties outside, and to be standing there with her each time, so you can tell her GO POTTY.

    The other important thing is to prevent her ability to make mistakes in the house. Keep her on a schedule. Take her out often. NEVER EVER take your eyes off her when she is loose in the house. This is what ACTIVE SUPERVISION means, and it is very important with puppies.

    Use baby gates to keep her in the room with you, or tie her leash to your belt. Use your crate when you can't watch her. Stop allowing her ANY CHANCE to make a boo boo when you are not looking.

    STOP punishing her for your own mistake of not having her outside where she should be when it's time for her to go. Doing ANYTHING negative to the dog if you did not catch her in the actual act of eliminating will do one thing. It will teach the dog to hide when she needs to go. Not a good thing.

    ONLY if you catch her IN THE ACT of eliminating should you do anything. If you do catch her, you will clap your hands loudly ONCE, say, ahah OUTSIDE!!! Then pick her up. Most puppies will stop once you do. Then rush her outside the same way you did. Saying Wanna go outside? Need to go potty? And then carry her to her spot, and wait to see if she will finish. If she does, praise like heck when she is done and give her a special treat.

    Put the emphasis on rewarding the right thing, not punishing the wrong thing.

    Supervise her so mistakes are less frequent.

    Don't have expectations too high. 6 months old is average for a puppy to be reliably housetrained without mistakes, and sometimes older than that for toy breeds.

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