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    Hi everyone, I just found this site and plan to stick around, but I joined to ask a favor out of everyone. I feel silly doing this but I REALLY want to raise some money for our shelter.

    My Rottie mix baby, Kiara, is in a contest.

    The contest is at and it ends on the 30th (I believe voting actually ends today!)
    The $100 in prize goes to the shelter of choice. My shelter of choice, where Kiara came from, is in a LARGE need of money. They're roofs and kennels are still damaged from the hurricanes in Florida last year. We've donated a bunch of old toys, cat litter, old blankets and beds, treats, foods, ect many times.. but this sum of money would help them greatly.

    The winner also gets $100 for themselves, which I DON'T need and will be giving half, if not all of my winnings to the same shelter. Any money that I keep will more than likely be going to my dogs as I rarely spend money on myself.

    To vote, you'll need to register for
    Registering is very easy, although you may have to wait a bit for a confirmation (It only took a few seconds for mine when I registered)

    After you've registered and confirmed, go to Kiara's page located here:

    A link will appear under her photo that says:
    - Vote Kiara for contest Dog Homepage Contest -
    It may be hard to see so you may have to move your cursor around under her picture for it to appear. Click on it and it will ask you to confirm your vote.

    Thanks to everyone who's taken the time to read this and/or to vote. I really appreciate it and if we win i'm sure the Humane Society will as well. :)

    -Kay & Kiara

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