Pics of some CUTE Cardigan Welsh Corgis!!!!

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    Here is a picture of the "mom" the "dad" and some other pups that mom has produced:

    Introducing: Janel (mom to be)

    Isn't she gorgeous??? OMG!


    Pretty face!!

    And here is "daddy"- this is Grendal. He's a blue merle with tan points. Lovely dog!


    Handsome face.


    You don't have to be a big dog to hold your own! You just need lots of spunk and personality!

    Puppies Janel had already produced:


    Beautiful, isn't she?


    Annnnd this is the notorious Miss Uno, who stole my heart utterly and completely when I met her last. Such a doll to be around. :) She should finish her Ch here very soon.

    And here are some puppies from Denmark. Currently, the breeder has sort of leased out one of her stud dogs to a lady in German. This is one of the litters he has produced. Lovely brindles!!!


    I hope you've enjoyed the pictures!!!!!!!!

    Puppies from Janel and Grendal will be on the ground (hopefully) in January. I'm so glad that I have the opportunity to get my feet wet with seeing a breeding and also "assisting" with the whelping in January.

    I'll post pics as I can. :)

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