Personal experiences with Akitas?

Discussion in 'The Dog Breeds' started by Torch, Dec 30, 2012.

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    There is one that regularly attends daycare at my training place. I don't know anything about his breeding, but I do know he's a great daycare dog and he is kind of a big lump with me, but he knows me by this point too. Last time I was in dropping off the shelties he came up and just leaned against me. I'm trying to remember when I first met him but it's been quite a while.
    As far as when he's in the daycare area and students come in, he doesn't run up to the gate to check people out or to ask for lovins, but I don't think he exactly looks at other humans with suspicion per se. More that he doesn't exactly have any use for you until he knows you are worthy of his attention maybe? I think it was a while after me milling around with daycare dogs that he started going "Oh, you are nice. Hai." and would approach me, but he was never standoffish either if that makes sense. I feel like I'm not describing him well LOL.
    HA is definitely not a term I would use to describe him.

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