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    So embarrassing sometimes. :eek:

    Agility is going very well. Next week is the last foundations class already! They don't know when they're starting the next round but as soon as they do, I'm signing Beau up.

    But Mia.... She's great and is frequently being called 'a natural'. Maybe I should fess up and say Mia's done most of this before, lol.

    But we were talking and I locked Mia up in the kennel and turned around talking to the other people. They both burst out laughing and I was totally oblivious. The trainer pointer out to me that my dog was unlocking the door and leaving her kennel whenever I wasn't looking. The other two kept talking about how cute she was with her escaping.

    When it was our turn to do one of the exercises, Mia was being her usual happy and eager self. My trainer looked down at her and said, "You are something else."

    Now I'm not sure if that's good or bad, but it's better than being labelled the 'brat-monkey' or 'The Deviant' as our past trainers had dubbed Mia. :D

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