New puppy runs when approached

Discussion in 'Puppy Forum' started by Poodle Mom, Feb 24, 2013.

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    Just got a 5 month old Standard Poodle puppy a week ago. He seems happy, playful with my 2 other Poodles but when my husband or I approach him, he backs up and goes the other way. Haven't trained a puppy in a while, last few dogs came as adults. This fellow loves the other dogs and likes being around us, just don't reach toward him. I think he spent most of his time with other dogs at the breeder and wasn't handled a lot. He does not seem really afraid -- doesn't duck his head or tuck his tail, just wants to get away. I have bait that he likes and have started working on "come". One big issue is getting him to come back into the house. When he is out with the others, he'll follow them in. If he is out alone, he won't come in unless we leave the door open and walk away. He is not tempted by the bait he likes. It's cold here in PA so the other night I didn't want to leave him outside too long and went to scoop him up. He screamed loudly but didn't struggle once I picked him up. I think he's been grabbed before and has learned to run away. So I don't think this is just a simple matter of teaching a puppy to come on command. Somehow I have to overcome some learned avoidance behavior, but how??

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