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Discussion in 'Dogs - General Dog Chat' started by Storee's Mom, Mar 11, 2008.

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    So our dog run has been a bit small, due to the fact that the official 'finished' version just didn't happen. We have chain link panels though, and had one blocking off the side so the dogs had a safe space.

    DH decided to 'fix' it yesterday. So I offered to help, nope, he was gonna do it. Ok. So I told him what I wanted exactly, and why, so that the escape artist stays put (should have known naming a dog 'ticket' would be bad, he has a 'rap' sheet for getting out, and if I'm not around, picked up). Nope, can't do it 'my' way, he has to do it his way. Uses cupholder hooks (2 of them) to attach the chain link panel to the wood fence, at an angle, so that it'd be the first place tested.

    Didn't have time today to fix it, figured they'd be ok for a bit. NOPE.

    Across the alley Storee is enjoying getting food and water by the nice people who thought she was homeless and living on the streets. Sigh. To be honest she is thin, but is also just a year old, busy, and is eating all she can when fed - just hasn't filled out yet. And she was just bathed and groomed, but it's mudville around here and she's a golden. Of course she's going to be coated in mud - she'll roll in anything!

    Ticket required the usual drive around for a bit but found him. I didn't even say a word, he just hops in the van and grins.... 'ya found me mom, I busted that fence!'.

    And then I went and fixed the run myself, so it's dog proof again. Cupholders.... yeesh.

    When we move I'm going to make sure the run is built first, by someone who knows what they're doing, so it's not an issue....


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