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    On Dogs:

    “Dogs are God’s perfect creation. Never has another
    animal provided so much love and companionship to
    the human race. The world would be a poorer place
    with no cold wet noses or sloppy face licks from a
    puppy, or an old dog for that matter.â€

    “Dogs don’t live as long as man for one reason only;
    God has given them 100 years worth of love. They
    can’t help but give all their love away too soon. If you
    set down and figure it out, a dog gives exactly seven
    times the love that a human does.â€

    “When a dog enters the world, he is a blank slate; his
    owner is the one that molds his soul and personality.
    Dogs differ from human children in this respect;
    sometimes children from families with great parents
    and upbringing just turn out bad. I have never seen a
    dog that wasn’t mistreated or taught to be aggressive
    turn out bad. I’m sure there are exceptions, but they
    are just that, exceptions.â€

    “Dog’s are always glad to see you. It doesn’t matter if
    you’ve been gone for 10 minutes or two weeks, when
    your dog sees you, it’s glad that you’re there and
    they’re with you.â€

    “Dog’s make the best companions; they commiserate
    well and don’t judge you, even when you know ****
    well you’re the one in the wrong.â€

    “A boy never had a better friend than a dog;
    especially when his mother made her God awful
    meatloaf or cow tongue sandwiches.â€

    “Who needs sleeping pills? Get a couple of dogs in
    bed with you and you not only have a built in bed
    warmer but a partner who won’t steal your blanket.
    They do fart though, they’ll gag a maggot, those
    fleabags will on occasion.â€

    “If some women cared for their children the same
    way a dam cares for her pups, there would be lot less
    people in prison these days. A dog pound after all is a
    prison of sorts; they ended up there for lack of love,
    the same way most convicts do in prison.â€

    “Cats are the devil and dogs are avenging angels. It
    may not be true but I sure like to say it.â€

    “Never take a dog you want to play catch with a ball
    with on a hunt. Once he gets a taste of the real thing,
    he won’t chase a ball unless it’s got either gravy or
    blood on it.â€

    “If you offer a dog a piece of food and he won’t eat it,
    you’d better not eat it either. If an animal that will
    eat its own vomit won’t touch a bite of the food you
    offer, what does that tell you?â€

    “Watch a little dog try to mate with a big dog. He
    never stops trying. He never stops trying because
    he’s an optimist; eventually he’ll accomplish his goal,
    for he never stops trying. Be like the little dog;
    optimism will carry you far and you might even get

    “Dogs are creatures of habit, as long as the habit
    involves food, sex, taking a crap or sleeping. I guess
    you could say that humans are creatures of habit as

    “When a man gets lost, he refuses to stop and ask for
    directions. This male attribute infuriates the woman
    travelling with the man. That’s why if you are going
    to get lost, have a dog with you. They don’t care if
    you’re lost or not, they are just glad to be there by
    your side and know that eventually you’ll have to stop
    for food.â€

    “When you come home from work your dog is so
    excited to see you, it may tinkle all over the floor and
    this makes you mad. When your mate greets you at
    the door they do not become so excited that they
    tinkle all over the floor and you are glad about it.
    Why would you be mad at your dog about a little
    tinkle on the floor? Think about it and be glad that
    someone in this world thinks enough of you to
    become that excite about you. That’s not to say that
    you should ask your mate to **** all over the floor;
    that’s just nasty.â€

    From the Book "Dad, Dog and Fish" by Charles Emery - Copyright 2008
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    Amen ! A wise man !!! Never forget that DOG is a mirror image of GOD .
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