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    For those who don't know, I help run the Connor Cares Foundation which was started after my 5 year old brother died due to a tragic drowning incident at a country club pool in 2006.

    We are doing our very first golf tournament this fall and we're super excited at how successful we've been thus far, and we have a ton of great athletes, past and present, attending.

    of course I'm the most excited about someone from Breaking Bad :rofl1:

    I got a hold of the agent of Steven Michael Quezada, he plays Hank's DEA partner Steve Gomez. Super cool dude!! He is coming out for the cause, for both poker night and our Golf Tournament and he is doing a radio interview tomorrow AM as well :) Frankie Muniz aka Malcolm in the Middle is also nearly confirmed.

    We really just desperately need awareness and attention to drowning.. as it's the #1 cause of death in children ages 1-4 in the US, and second leading cause of death in 14 and under. It's an epidemic that happens far too often and is entirely preventable, despite how staggering the statistics are, it's not talked about nearly enough.

    So any bit of promotion we get, or attention, we are extremely grateful! Connor's life is definitely not in vain. We've worked so hard to get to this point and it was a long road.

    I just thought I'd express my excitement...

    if anyone hasn't yet. please 'like' us on facebook... we also have twitter


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