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    It's looming and its scaring me.

    A few months ago my brother and I started planning on moving out together, harder to do than I thought. very few rentals, him not wanting to live in the suburb that had affordable, pet friendly rentals and despite me working 7 days a week and him currently not working he still wanted me to look at the houses with him which just generally can't happen.

    Anyway, fast forward to now. He's got a GF which I'm happy about but they are planning on travelling together so having him move out with me isn't an option anymore.

    I had a couple of friends looking for a housmate as they work away a lot except I don't think it would be an easy situation to move my dogs into. (No dogs in house, lot of visitors, they already have one dog)

    On top of this my mother, who I currently live with is starting to look for a prpoerty to buy. The government is starting to resell a lot of properpties they purchased years ago after plans to build a dam fell through.
    Problem is if she moves to this area and I go with her it will increase my commute to work by over an hour. I already drive between 30 minutes and an hour fifteen to work.

    I can't see anything on the market that is below $300 a week, a bit out of my proce range, I could maybe push to $250 on my own so the option I was considering was just taking on a $300 a week home (paying 6 months rent in full at the time then paying myself back over the lease) and finding a housemate once I'm there.

    This is stressfull. I need to get paid more.

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