Mom in Hospital, Temporary Foster Home Needed for Two Dogs!!!! (Zanesville, Ohio)

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    Attention animal lovers: My mom is in need of a temporary foster home for her two dogs. If there is anyone out there near zanesville or a surrounding area who has a fenced yard or space to help us, please email or call me. They can go together or be seperated. My mom will be in rehab for at least one or two months before she will be able to go home and take care of these two dogs. They are 60-70lbs and both male. One is a blonde lab mix, the other a weimereiner mix. Both are good with kitties, but i am not sure about other animals, as they have had limited socialzation except for a petsmart basic obedience class.
    My family would pay for dog food and any vet care, but desperately need someone to open their home and heart up to one or both dogs.
    Pics to follow tomorrow.
    Please call or email if anyone can help.
    Thank you and god bless,
    mary Mod Edit - Removed phone number for privacy. PM Maryclaire for contact information.
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