Luna's First Swim

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    So yesterday we celebrated Dougs B-day and in honor of it and Luna having just turned 6 months we decided to let her run off leash at the Dog park yesterday for the first time with Sheena. Luna has never been in a space big enough that she could really show her speed and man did she turn it on yesterday. Our Dog park is a beautiful place. It has a large steam that runs through the whole thing, with several areas turned into dog beaches. There are bridges and many areas to run and a ton of walking trails. When we got there we let her off right away and her and Sheena took off running full out for a few minutes. Both dogs were a joy to watch. Once Luna had her first spurt of energy worn off she wanted to sniff everything. Soon after we arrived two other groups of dogs arrived with their owners as well. One group had a HUGE Shepherd/Rottie male and a female staffy. Luna was very excited to meet them and banged into the Rotti as she tried to come to a sliding halt. He knocked her over and growled and Luna calmed right down. After that they got along great though Luna and the Staffy prefered to chase each other around and play. Then another group with 2 min pins arrived. We all walked together as a group with all the dogs running and playing. Once we got to the river the min pins left with their owners and other group stayed with us.

    THe staffy wasn't much for swimming but she loved to run through the water that was up to her chest. The Rotti mix loved to buldoze through water. Sheena was busy swimming out to get sticks. Luna was going nuts not wanting to go deeper. It was barely covering her paws. Then a black lab arrived and dived into the water with all the others. Luna started to go deeper and deeper watching the other dogs and wanting to play with them. To do that through she would have to go out into the deeper water. And then all of a sudden(about 20 minutes after we arived at the river) she decided to do it. She swam. All the owners cheered for her beause they all knew it was her first time swimming. After that the lab in her kicked in and she didn't want to come out of the water. lol She would do puppy zoomies up and down the river in the shallows and then dive back into swim in the deeper water. She race with Sheena to get the sticks and bring them back. If the stick disapeared then she would swim around till we found one for her to get.

    After about an hour at the river we headed back. We met a gorgeous doberman whom Luna fell for immediately and wanted to follow back to the river. lol And also a 9yr old very patient Rotti. As Luna bounced around him giving kisses. Luna is also getting much better with her fear issues when it comes to strangers. She will go up on her own to sniff people and as long as they make no sudden movements she will stand there and let them pet her as she gives kisses. If they react startled at all(some people don't notice that she is there till she licks their hand) then she will dash off. She is still more confidant with women and children but she is getting better with men as well. All in all it was an awsome day. All the way back to the car Luna walked on Leash perfectly. Doug was very happy and so was I.

    Sadly we forgot to bring the camera but I am not making that mistake agian tonight. We are taking them out agian this evening after work and I will make sure to get a ton of pictures of our new water puppy. lol
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    Where is this dog park it sounds awesome?

    I'm so glad that you had a great day, Luna must of had an absolute blast, Sheena too! Good for her for taking the plunge (heh pun) and swimming!

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