Lack of potty control.

Discussion in 'Dog Training Forum' started by TAVS, Aug 4, 2006.

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    Three. Mason (dog) Marlin (dog) Bob (Cat)
    So Mason is potty trained; he doesn't go in the house etc. Great. But I sware that dog holds it all day long! The thing is, he has access to the back yard. But does he use the facilities out there? No. He holds it. Why? Because he knows at some point in the evening he is going to go for a walk and need lots of ammo.

    My complaint is that when we come home his bladder is so full; he ends up peeing all over when we try and pet him. He's so darn excited to see us; he looses control. You can tell his bladder is full just by looking at his belly.

    We've tried Vitamin B, we've tried ignoring it, we've tried telling him know, we've put up with it for 3-4 months hoping it would stop but it doesn't. It doesn't improve in the slightest.

    It's also frustrating cause he'll sit right in it and then need washed; but he hates being washed. Ahhhh.

    Any suggestions?
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    Telling him "no" or otherwise scolding him is bound to make it worse if it's excitement pee or submissive urination. That just makes him more submissive and peeing in those situations is a submissive gesture. Wild dogs do this when they're acknowledging appeasment.

    I'd get him checked by a vet as well. It's possible that he has a bladder infection. Maybe he has a hard time going. Maybe his urethra is inflamed. And then he lets loose. Is it a large or normal amount when he does go? Or is it scanty?

    When you come and go, keep the hellos and goodbyes low key....practically ignore him for a couple minutes so that those times aren't made out to be this big deal. When you leave, just leave.

    Associate being washed with yummy treats and a happy time. Try to pretend like this is really going to be fun. scolding, struggling. Just do it matter of factly but pleasantly.

    When you take him out in the yard to go....if he does go, give him a high value, yummy treat (tiny piece of hot dog or other meat) the second he's finished. Do it every time he goes for a long time. Give a cue word (pee pee, or go pee, whatever) when he's going, but keep your voice low key so he doesn't get too excited. He may start looking more forward to going pee outside when you take him and when you give him the cue (when he learns the association of the cue with the act of peeing). It's really a great thing to go pee when you get a piece of steak, hot dog or cheese, especially when you're hungry.

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