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  1. The other important thing to do now is get her used to mouth and body handling. Start small and work up, and keep it all positive.

    And NAILS!!! Don't let nails get ahead of you, work on that now too.

  2. Do you have a dremel? If not, you need to get one asap. I would recommend you start with the cordless. It is much quieter, and the pup will get used to it faster.

    With the coat, you will need to have some old panty hose to use to do nails. Pull the hose over the foot, and punch the nails through it. This way you don't tangle the hair up.

    Work first to make the sight and sound of the dremel pleasant. Have it out when you feed her, stack her, anytime you are handing out treats. Use it to stroke her, touch her all over with it without it running. Then start running it, and do body massage with the base while it's running.

    When she is loving that, start holding her feet and touching the nails with the base part. Once she is cool with that, you can start just barely touching the nails with the sanding band.

    Take your time getting her acclimated to the dremel, it will make both yours and her life so much easier later on.
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    Thank you thank you thank you!!
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    I am OD-ing on cuteness! x D

    Kyrie is just adorable. Honestly, what is it like cuddling her? Is it like cuddling a cloud? I am so jealous of you, missy.

    I cannot wait until she and Regis play together. I know they will! Fozzie ignored his puppy friend Sadie at first, but she won him over. They'll be the cutest, oddest little couple.

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