Katcha saves masters life

Discussion in 'Dog Stories' started by cindr, Oct 5, 2006.

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    As you all know I have been breeding and training dogs 4 many yrs. Well we sold one of our pups to a dog trainer. Katcha would do wonders but did not have the aspects that he was looking for. Hey it happens in many dogs. So he wanted a dog that would take him all the way and Katcha just did not have it. Oh well;

    Anyhow this older couple approached the trainer in search of a older dog. So out comes Katcha. She would just totally love and attach herself to the older couple. So off goes Katcha. We always keep intouch with our purchasers and these people just adored the dog as the dog adored them.

    Well one day there would be a nasty thunder and lightening storm. The owner would just come home from work and went to get out of his car. Now Katcha had the full run of the property and she never left her home.
    So this day in this thunderstorm Katcha ran full force with a intense attitude. Why? To saver her masters life.

    Katcha ran right up to the car pushed the owner back into the car with a thrust and in seconds get struck with lightening. This dog was so intent on protecting her master that she litterally died for him. That is why I say love adore and treat your dogs with unconditional love with that result the dog would do anything for you. even if it meant dieng.
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    Makes you feel very humble to know that something loves you that much, doesn't it?
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    Yes it does. The owners were just so shocked that that young lady would actually die for them. Why can't we humans be more like that. Show true unconditional love.
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    Katcha was a wonderful dog and showed us all how much love they have for us. Some people feel animals don't have feelings, but I just know they are wrong.
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    Thanx for your kind comment about this girl. Its amazing that God granted me the gift and I then gave that gift to the owners of Katcha. I beleive there is a reason and a purpose in all things. If I have played a part of it then thats good but it is always in Gods hands.

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