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    As some might know, we've recently started going daily to a pretty heavily traveled dog park/walking trail (it's a walking trail/park that has a fenced dog play area off of the trail) and dogs are allowed off leash as long as under voice control on the walking trail part.

    Now, 99% of the people have their dogs on leash or under decent voice control, no biggie. I walk on leash as I don't trust Blaze 100% to come when he sees another dog off leash. When I see another dog approach (on or off leash) I call him to me and we heel past them. No biggie.

    However, I'd had a couple run-ins with dogs off leash running up to his face and just standing there, with owner calling for Fido to come back. I mean, WTH? Anyways, after a second or two, Blaze starts to get upset at this. All the while I'm trying to keep him moving and walk past the dog that has blocked him in. If after about 5-10 seconds the dog has not moved, he will start to growl/move toward the dog.

    Normally, I'm not super bothered by his 'I don't want to play/meet you' signals he gives off to some dogs, but I'm not sure I like the whole 'if you don't move I'll get mad at you' either? Basically, do you think this is acceptable behavior or should I work to change it? I guess I'm just torn because I DO see why he would get upset, but on the other hand I don't like that he gets upset either. Input?

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