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    Literal translations of some common phrases in Cantonese. These translations are not offensive at all (well, at least to most Canto speakers).

    "open door see the mountain" - To be direct/cut-throat about a fact or topic.
    "common water meet up" - To know one as an acquaintance.
    "die laugh me" - To be in stitches/hear something hilarious
    "horse-tiger" - Shabby/not up to standard
    "big house good" - How is everyone?
    "dragon horse spirit" - Wishing you excellent health
    "hundred sons thousand grandkids" - May your family flourish (well duh)
    "hit airplane" - Male masturbation
    "push tofu" - Lesbian relationship
    "pretty till explode" - Extremely beautiful
    "old thousand" - Con artist
    "white obsess" - Idiot
    "trip street" - Muthaf*cker
    "whole house ling" - A extremely offensive swear
    "eight hang" - Busybody
    "be chicken" - To be a prostitute/escort
    "king great empress" - Annoying old fussy bag
    "finish see wash eye" - To view something very vulgar
    "dragon phoenix pregnancy" - To be carrying twins

    More later...

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