I think it was meant to be..

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    So, the breeder at Diamondsun had told my aunt about her two most recent litters.. and I couldn't help but go look.. and low and behold, there's a female in the "R" litter who has fairly similar markings to Cali.

    Here's the puppy in question (picture copyright to Diamondsun Papillons)

    And here is Cali when she was around that age..
    Shay ~ 1 Day Old by Right Cute Cali, on Flickr

    They each have the white tail tip, the "half blaze" as well as a black spot on their shoulders, and hips. Plus, it's likely that the pup will be a black&white or a tri-colour.

    My aunt isn't fully decided on getting one yet (although she'd be getting a female), as she's been busy getting her daughter's wedding ready (which is today!) but she told my mom that she's going to start really considering it. I've just decided that this little girl in particular needs to go home with them! haha. :)

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