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    Tomorrow will be the first time I don't take Beau on a run with me. I'll admit I've been slacking the last year about due to a lot of life changing events, but he's ALWAYS been my running buddy..he loves it. But tomorrow I'll be leaving him at home and it'll just be me and Takoda. He just can't handle the heat anymore and he's getting older.

    His knees are starting to bother him and you can just tell it's not like it used to be for him :(. My other reason is due to the fact that I'm starting to run on a dirt road and while he's a protective dog, he's older and too small to do anything.

    Takoda is a decent size dog and she does back up her bark and does not play around when it comes to messing with me.

    But that aside, is it normal to be sad over the fact that I'm actually having to retire Beau from everything officially and let him be old and lazy :(?

    God, I wish he'd stop aging :(!!!!

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