help me learn to hand raise orphan shelter puppies

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    My shelter has a program where instead of being euthanized like they used to, orphaned puppies are put into special puppy raising foster homes.
    I went to orientation, and they didn't teach me much of anything. Just how to process works to get the puppies, papers to sign, and some other stuff but NOTHING about general care.

    I wish I could practice and work with someone more knowledgable but its just not an option.

    How it works is where is email goes it with breed of puppies, wether they can eat on their own, and some info. and first come first serve, you email back how many you can take.

    You raise them, find them homes if you can, and if not they go to broward humane society and not to the shelter. which is good :)

    The shelter provides the formula and if one of the puppies get sick, I can bring the pup to the shelter and they treat the pup for free

    I have a space for them, my bathroom is totally puppyproofed. The bottom of my shower is a perfect rectangle shape and parallel to the ground with a little wall all around it. I know i need a heating pad to put on LOW on half the space, so they can move away if they need to.

    Now for my questions..

    depending on age, how often do you feed them?

    what are some good feeding techniques?

    How do you stimilate them to go? do you do this right after their meal?

    What are some bad signs I should watch for health wise?

    What should i put on the bottom of the whelping box? half towel/half newspaper?

    Which is better, store brought formula or home made? ive found some recipes online

    And any other general information you can think of!

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