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    I’m Andi Martin creator of the Happy Hound Playground, a 24 hour a day play care center for dogs. After working nights for several years, I understand the need to have dog care available to people who work at night, not just the regular 9-5 workers.

    Happy Hound Playground needs your help. Through several different means, we are working to raise $100,000 to open this unique facility. We hope to raise as much money as possible through Indiegogo. By signing up your dog with a discounted prepaid service package today, we can meet our goal to open later this fall or early winter. For this we want to ask all of the members, please visit the project's webpage, and after share it everywhere (or even can make a donation),to be more people informed about our campaign..

    Our project's page : http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/happy-hound-playground

    You can also visit our homepage : http://www.happyhoundplayground.net/


    Andrea Martin

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