Happy 'Birthday' to Rockefeller. :)

Discussion in 'Cat and Pet Forum' started by ravennr, Oct 1, 2010.

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    His made-up birthday, anyway. He's a year old now. So as a treat we decided to buy a few meats and a beef heart to see how he'd take to it. He absolutely loved it. He scarfed down the beef heart chunks within seconds. The one thing he had a big problem with was the chicken wing. It was big and we have no good knives so I couldn't make it any easier for him, and he has no idea I guess that he is supposed to rip it off and such. He just slung it around then looked at me like he needed help so I had to cut it off for him. He did chew on the bone quite a bit at least.

    So, a few questions, since this went so well as a birthday treat that I'd like to go ahead and do this for good (it was o much easier to prepare in my tiny kitchen than I thought, too).

    How should I go about making it easier or him with meaty bones? Any special ones I should look out for?

    Is it okay to feed him a meal of only organ meat, and how often is it okay to do this? Other than liver and heart, what are the best organ meats?

    Thanks everyone. I'll have pictures later. He ate it so fast earlier that I didn't have a chance.

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