Going through doggy withdrawal

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    I graduated from high school, was valedictorian, got into the school I wanted (Go Huskies!), and started college last month. Hooray for all of that. Not so much joy toward how much I miss my dogs. They stayed with my grandmother all summer while my parents and I came back to Washington. I was busy getting ready for college and working, and my parents brought their chihuahuas, but it was still tough. I'd stalk Chaz daily just to get a canine fix, but even that was bittersweet. Seeing all the happy dogs and activities that you guys do together just made me miss my girls so much more.

    Fast forward to now and I feel like the missing has just increased exponentially. I'm not homesick, I don't particularly miss my family, but my dogs... That's a totally different story. Every time I see anything even vaguely furry and four-legged I think of them. I even have a picture of them as my desktop background, which probably doesn't help the situation. Whenever I talk to my mom I spend most of the conversation asking about them.

    I haven't seen them since April, and I won't get to until mid-December. Even then, it'll only be for about 2 weeks. I know they are going to be wonderfully taken care of; my mom is militantly responsible when it comes to everything related to animal care. All the same, it won't be me walking, feeding, cuddling, washing, training or playing with them.

    There's not much of a point to this thread except to share my woes, but I did want to say THANK YOU to anyone who shares little stories or pictures of their dogs on here. It definitely makes me feel better, and just a little bit closer to my dogs back home, to see how much love everyone has for these awesome animals.

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